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75 definitions by smurf

The inquisitor has dedicated his life to finding and eliminating practitioners of evil magic and defeating the forces of darkness. His god has provided him with special abilities toward that end.
Sort of a cleric/warrior.
by smurf August 23, 2004
24 11
Deep Gnomes, are also known as svirfneblin, are legendary because they are so rarely seen. They live deep under the earth, where they create beautiful artifacts made of precious metals and gems, as well as fantastic creations of stonework. They live under constant threat of attack from other races. This has made the svirfneblin wise and agile, if somewhat timid and retiring.
Not your average lawn gnome
by smurf August 23, 2004
13 3
A slang term for a person who is overly broad or vague in conversation.
A conversation with "Captain Ambiguous" might go something like this.

You "So what do you do for a living?"
Him "Business"
You "With who?"
Him "People"
You "Where do you work?"
Him "Places"
You "How much do you make?"
Him "Enough"
by Smurf May 04, 2007
9 0
Half-elves are the children of elves and humans. They combine many of the best features of both races, having the lingevity of elves as well as the inquisitive nature of humans. However, half-elves never feel quite at home in either human or elven society.
half-elves are almost perfect... almost.
by smurf August 23, 2004
12 3
Otyughs have a large bulbous body with a gaping maw of razor-shape teeth. they attack with two large tentacles, which they use to drag prey into their mouths. Otyughs generally live in piles of offal or other waste, but aren't shy about adding fresh meat to their diet. they are aggressive and relentless, they cause disease on anyone unfortunate enough to be bitten.
fierce creatures that smell
by smurf August 17, 2004
10 2
Also known as Duergar, gray dwarves contain all of the worst traits of the dwarven races in one package. Duergar share little with thier less subterranean cousins, but they do have the same hardiness. Their foes find them just as hard to kill.
Tough buggars on the battlefield.
by smurf August 22, 2004
9 2
an adjective used to describe quality music or events.
That track is the mad note!
by Smurf June 10, 2004
7 0