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75 definitions by smurf

1. a small flying bird that is very tasty with a pancake roll, plum sauce and spring onions.
2. a term used to warn someone of incoming danger.
Duck you idiot that turnip is going to hit you!
by smurf June 15, 2004
56 71
Can't live with your bitch ass girl, but you can't kill her either.
man if i had a gun you would be dead bitch!!
by smurf August 23, 2004
13 30
The moon elf is a long-lived race that is aloof and haughty. Regardless of their demeanor, moon elves are attractive and almost ethereal. They are graceful to a fault and have a wise demeanor.
They are just like most elves.
by smurf August 22, 2004
18 35
1. Another name for amateur pornography. Usually pictures/videos you have taken of your ex girl/boy friends.
"Ok guys, anymore homebrew posted on Something Awful will get you banned"
by smurf June 08, 2007
10 33
adj. To be pirate-like. Being worthy, usually used in the form of a compliment.
Those were some swarthy moves you put on last night
by Smurf March 13, 2005
47 101