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A phrase used way to much, I can understand somethings can be pretty awesome, but seriously, making a really long light before it turns red is not better than sex.
Nico: I know you're really hungry, but don't you think you're exaggerating a bit?

Queen of England: Nope, this doughnut is better than sex.

Nico: No, no it isn't.

Queen of England: Whatevs
by SMSchoirboy March 02, 2012
Sandwiches always taste better when made by someone else.
Nico: It's only turkey and cheese, but this sandwich tastes great.

Tom Hanks: It's the Sandwich Rule, and your welcome.
by SMSchoirboy June 22, 2012
A style of music that can not be decscribed by anything other than some extreme comparison, like...

...dubstep is the noise you hear while time traveling,or...

...dubstep sounds like a cosmic ameoba being electricuted,or...

...dubstep is the noise transformers make while having sex,or...

...it's like when your penis becomes addicted to sex, except your ears become addicted to dubstep, or

...it's the noise a star makes when it explodes,or...

...if lasers could make noise,then it would be dubstep.

If you are looking up dubstep because you actually don't know what it is, and the explanations above did not help you, then dubstep can also be explained as some sort of distorted, synthesized bass that goes womp womp womp.
Nico: Want to listen to dubstep?

Lane: No.

Nico: Come on, give it a chance.

Lane: fine.

-ten minutes later-

Police Inspector: how did he die Nico?

Nico: Well officer, I'm not exactly sure, but we were listening to dubstep and I think it blew his mind.

Police Inspector: Well, he wouldn't be the first, some people just can't handle dubstep's awesomness.
by SMSchoirboy January 07, 2012
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