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In Mario Kart 64, when a player is smoted in three or more player battle mode, a remaining player may obtain a star, go to the smoted player's screen, and press A+B+a direction on the control pad to spin in circles. This act of gloating contributes to the horrible shame of the smoted player.
Jafari: Damn I got smoted.
Dave: (spins in circles with a star on Jafari's screen) You like a little of that?
Eric and Louis: Ooh! Star dance!
(Jafari goes home.)
by smotejafari August 17, 2008
In Mario Kart 64, the sound made when someone loses a banana tail when it is either hit with a shell or run over by another player.
Jafari: Check out my banana tail!
Dave: (runs over banana tail) Not anymore!
Eric and Louis: Nice cacophony!!
(Jafari quickly loses and gets smoted.)
by smotejafari August 17, 2008
In mario kart 64, the act of running over a bomb when equipped with a star while playing battle mode with three or more players. The bomb then disappears and the screen stands still, leaving that player in horrible shame and barring them from further play. While the screen stands still, the smoter has the opportunity to perform the "star dance."
Jafari: Aw, I'm a bomb. I'm gonna get you.
Dave: (gets star and runs over Jafari) In your face!
Eric and Louis: Damn, you got smoted, Jafari!!!
(Jafari sets down his controller and hangs his head in shame.)
by smotejafari August 17, 2008

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