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Ugly, but friendly large woman who shoves anything in sight down her mouth and in her box. Flapjack or stretched pillow titties are a must.
I can't believe James hooked up with that manitee.
by Smoothie April 14, 2005
A person who, by nature of their craving for cock juice, will seek out poles to suck. They may even interrupt a nut in progress to capture the jizz for themselves.
I thought Noland was going to work out, by he turned out to be a fucking jizz swiller.
by smoothie March 14, 2003
A supernatural owning force/tool used to teach less 1337 a lesson in 1337ing. Requires batteries.
If you don't stop moaning young one, I shall use a Shifty on you.
by Smoothie July 22, 2004
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