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4 definitions by smooo

A verb, meaning to borrow with absolutely no intention of paying back. An underhanded way of taking advantage of a good soul
Dhalia asked her brother david if she could morro some cash.

"Dave, can I morro 20 quid, I promise to pay it back"
by Smooo March 09, 2007
The uncanny ability to blend in completely with ones surroundings, at night, purely by closing the eyes and mouth simultaneously
Check out Walcott, that bitch disappeared totally! Epic urban camouflage
by smooo February 04, 2011
The one member of a group of lads who all other members of the group have dark considerations of
That Boycey....He's a right fucking Shipman he is...
by smooo February 04, 2011
Whilst taking part in vigorous intercourse, the instigator willingly attempts to remove the head of his partner as furious climax approaches.
Vikesh King Slatssed his mrs last night. The police are investigating...
by smooo February 04, 2011