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When someone keeps vampire hours they are awake all night and sleep all day. They are unreachable by phone, text or social media during daylight hours when the rest of their friends are up.
Now that Jody is unemployed she's been keeping vampire hours and is never awake in time to go to lunch or start some day drinking.
by smonkey81u812 July 13, 2011
Where URST is defined in Urban Dictionary as the acronym for unresolved sexual tension, curiurst is the combination of curiosity, impure thoughts, anticipation and general horniness which results from considering or talking about venturing into uncharted sexual territory.
My girlfriend has been so horny since we decided to go to the swinger's BBQ even though she doesn't have any idea what will happen. She's got some serious curiurst.
by smonkey81U812 August 10, 2009

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