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2 definitions by smokingrabbi

A crude Scottish expression meaning 'blowjob'. Often used in an impersonal context, it is more likely to be used as a humorous utterance amongst a male peer group.
' I got a gammie off this well fit bird last night'

(To a girl in the street) 'Gies a gammie!'
by smokingrabbi October 16, 2009
13 8
A crude Scottish expression for a sex act involving an individual (more commonly a male) either receiving a finger in their anus during foreplay or alternatively as an form of masturbation, with the crucial addition of bubbles. It is commonly referred to as simply a 'soapy pokey'
'Aye, got my first soapy pokey bum wank the other night.'

'Gies a soapy pokey!' (humorous)
by smokingrabbi October 16, 2009
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