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42 definitions by smokey

The eyeglasses issued in the US
Army are cynically nicknamed: "catch-me-fuck-me" glasses. They are unattractive, thick black, horn-rimmed glasses.
I was in Army bootcamp when they issued me my catch-me-fuck-me-glasses.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
an ignorant dumb ass arrogant fuck who thinks they are cool and smart but are neither (most people on earth)

not to be confused with a person born with a mental defect or who has a defect due to some sort of blunt trauma who are in fact,cool
Bill Clinton is a retard because he doesn't know what is means.
by smokey December 08, 2003
has no real meaning... is said just for fun
out of the blue tell anyone "SHIT-SON"!
by smokey July 26, 2003
Schmuck is derogatory yiddish for penis.
You are nothing but a schmuck.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
Faggot, poofter, fudgepacker or the moral
Ugh! Windows XP is so geigh.
by Smokey November 17, 2002
The term "Turkish-delight" originates from the islamic desire to give-or-receive it sexually in the anus.
When I was young, I was known to indulge in some turkish-delight.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
A "gangbang" is when a job needs to be done well, 'yesterday' and a bunch of people work together to accomplish it.
A bunch of us decided to gangbang the project since it was already overdue.
by Smokey March 03, 2005