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A person who secretly desires to sexually climax on another person or to be sexually climaxed upon by a another person frequently and/or often.
Man, that freak was a real spooge-demon!
by Smokey March 03, 2005
A Vikadin pill. Made up by Smokey, while on a v-tab.
"I snorted 1,000 millies of v-tab the other day."

"Bring the v-tabs, we're gonna get fucked up"
by Smokey September 10, 2004
cool as shit
dem rims is off the chians
by smokey January 09, 2004
A pitiful self-loathing white person who's in the midst of a severe identity crisis, (i.e., Eminem) trying desperately to be black and/or any other culture/ethnicity/race.
Yo, at the 7-11 I spied a Whigger trying to be hot.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
slang for cigarette; term mostly used in minnesota
got a heater?, lets go play hockey!!!
by Smokey February 27, 2005
Nightclub or urban slang. When a coyote is ensnared in a trap, it will gnaw its own limb off to escape.

After a long night of drinking, inebriated couples end up having sexual relations that might not have otherwise sober. When one or the other awakes in the morning only to realize they have made a dreadful mistake and regret terribly the choice they've made, (especially based on the ungodly physical appearance of their bedmate). Hence the term "coyote nightmare."
Man....she was a coyote nightmare.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
To snort something, like a drug.
"I braffed a fat line of v the other day."

"Let's go braff some fuckin cain."
by Smokey September 10, 2004

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