42 definitions by smokey

A person who secretly desires to sexually climax on another person or to be sexually climaxed upon by a another person frequently and/or often.
Man, that freak was a real spooge-demon!
by Smokey March 03, 2005
A Vikadin pill. Made up by Smokey, while on a v-tab.
"I snorted 1,000 millies of v-tab the other day."

"Bring the v-tabs, we're gonna get fucked up"
by Smokey September 10, 2004
Usually meaning that the weather is cold.
It's fucking bla out here
by Smokey February 20, 2004
To snort something, like a drug.
"I braffed a fat line of v the other day."

"Let's go braff some fuckin cain."
by Smokey September 10, 2004
A pitiful self-loathing white person who's in the midst of a severe identity crisis, (i.e., Eminem) trying desperately to be black and/or any other culture/ethnicity/race.
Yo, at the 7-11 I spied a Whigger trying to be hot.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
slang for cigarette; term mostly used in minnesota
got a heater?, lets go play hockey!!!
by Smokey February 27, 2005
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