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The specific period during the day responsible for decreasing the ability to make good decisions and create coherent, logical statements and/or thoughts. Usually a frequent occurrence that strikes in no specific pattern other than the time at which it occurs. The use of substances usually ensues after the period begins, but the former is not the cause of the latter.
Brian: Hey, so how'd you do on your psych exam this morning?

Justin: Well, I was studying pretty well, and then it hit stupid o'clock...

Brian:Oh, no man...

Chris: Yo, why is the weed gone, and why is "Penis" carved into the wall?

Brian: Are you sure you're just not making excuses for smoking?

Justin: no way, I swear on my life I did it 20 minutes into stupid o'clock!

Brian: I guess... but why "Penis"? Gay.

Justin: ...
by smokebubbles December 19, 2011

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