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3 definitions by smithers91

When you dip your balls in chocalte sauce and Tea bag your buddy on the space between your nose and eyebrows,leaving a brown ring or bandit mask over your buddys eyes.
I bandit masked my roomate last night;Dude your a fag..
by smithers91 June 24, 2005
A "lot" A large number of the same thing(s) together..Many "somthing" in a group.
There was a grip load of chicks at that party last night...
by smithers91 June 24, 2005
A chick with a great boddy and a busted up face..Everything looks good "butt her face" or butter face..Always take this one home..
-That chick you hooked up with last night was a butterface!
_Yea it was fuckin great...
by smithers91 June 24, 2005