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Someone who makes you frazzled by being exhausting to deal with, annoying, or otherwise a PITA.
When he started in with all of the nitpicking questions, I had to get out of there before it ruined my whole day. He's a total befrazzler.
#frazzle #befrazzle #bedazzler #pita #sapping my strength
by smimmy August 04, 2010
A short time spent relaxing away from cares and worries at home, because travelling is too expensive or inconvenient. Like a staycation, but shorter. Like a day trip, only you don't go anywhere.
Work was getting to be too much, so I took a stay trip. I watched the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy, it was pretty much like being in New Zealand.
#vacation #staycation #daytrip #holiday #day off
by smimmy August 12, 2011
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