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To have a really satisfying (or furious) wank to a Spice Girls video.
I saw them Spice Girls on the box t'other day. Don't fancy Scary much but the others got a zig-a-zig-ah!
#spice girls #wank #video #music #masturbate
by smilie23 August 23, 2011
A really big and offensive pile of shit, named after the song "Agadoo" by shitty 1980's Party-Pop band Black Lace, which was a really big and offensive pile of shit.

You could go to YouTube to see the video, but be warned - IT'S A REALLY BIG AND OFFENSIVE PILE OF SHIT!
The fucking 'Birdie Song'!? It's almost as bad as 'Agadoo'.
#shit #music #black lace #earache #crap
by smilie23 August 24, 2011
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