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That driver who's been chewing on your bumper for the past ten miles, so you move over to the slow lane and let him pass, in the hope that he'll be the one to attract attention and get pulled over by the State Police
"Geez man, you want to be trooper bait so bad, okay, go ahead and pass!"
#tailgater #leadfoot #speeder #5-0 #highway police
by smendler May 10, 2010
Famous simply for "being famous."
"Sienna Miller is not famous. She is famesque. " - Amy Argetsinger, Washington Post, 8/10/2009
#celebrity #fame #notoriety #infamy #fifteen minutes
by smendler August 11, 2009
A quick, perfunctory, and superficial cleaning job, usually performed out of haste or laziness, and with the supposed intention of doing a more thorough job later.
Max: "Hey, weren't you supposed to clean the kitchen before we left for the concert?"

Millie: "I just gave it a wipe and a promise, let's get out of here!"
#chores #slacking #housework #cleaning #excuses
by smendler September 20, 2010
The opposite of pacifism; the belief that war is a good thing, and there should be more of it.
"General Patton was a firm believer in belligerism."
#war #spartan #bellophile #gung ho #kick ass and take names
by smendler July 29, 2009
Any blowhard conservative talk show host; someone who pushes a lot of hot air from only one direction. Generally aggressive, egotistical, and disrespectful of anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints.
"Oh God, that Limbaugh, he is such a rightwinder!"
#conservative #right winger #rush limbaugh #sean hannity #mark levin #bill o'reilly
by smendler June 08, 2009
A sneeze that doesn't quite happen; a sneeze tease. (Derived from "it's nothing"; pron. "snuthin" or "snuffin")
"Ahhh... AAAHHHHH...." (silence) "Hey man, you need a tissue?" "Nah, it was just a snothing." "Well, bless you anyway."
#sneeze tease #sneeze #false sneeze #achoo #gesundheit
by smendler January 22, 2009
A huge pile of unwashed clothing, such as is frequently seen in the bedrooms of high schoolers and college students.
Sherri's mother opened her bedroom door, and screamed when she saw the massive laundrosity that was taking over the room.
#laundry #wash #clothes #stanky #teenager
by smendler October 03, 2011
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