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a really moment where someone says or does something extremely dumb.
Example 1
Diwesh:Why has that plane been circling the soccer field for the past hour?
Alex: There's an airport around here dumb ass.

Diwesh: Whats an airport?
Jill: you must be having a Poudyal moment

Example 2
Eric: George W Bush really had a lot of Poudyal moments
by smelly brown guy November 10, 2011
A huge mythical creature in folklore that cannot die. It has legs like tree trunks, and it is said that his kick can kill a man. The Surprenant has been known to disapear for weeks at a time and then show up unexpectedly somewhere.
Eric: Hey did you hear that someone spotted a Surprenant near the woods the other day

Chris: How scary
by smelly brown guy October 25, 2011
A nepalese slang word for something really ugly and smelly
Diwesh is really Poudyal, isn't he?
by smelly brown guy October 03, 2011
Punk ass bitch. Especially a punk ass bitch from Nepal
Eric: Diwesh, you gotta stop being such a punk-ass Poudyal.
Diwesh: You're a punk-ass Poudyal!
Eric: You smell bad.... kinda like a Poudyal.
by Smelly Brown Guy November 17, 2011

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