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9 definitions by smelly

n. to masturbate alone while crying softly
"Is that Ben crying over there?" "no I think he is chutching"
by smelly April 25, 2005
when a curious young buck squeezes the sweet sweet juices of a lemon around the circumference of his partners anus to create a sour, yet tasteful rim job while performing a steardy reach around upon his partner to obtain the creme topping for a lemon marang pie.
Hey Timmy, were all out of creme, go give your brother a holland sour before dinner.
by smelly April 25, 2005
A peaceful place, previously set to fight at or in.
instead of "Wanna take this outside"..
"lets go to the narshack"
by smelly January 29, 2004
Canadian: Unemployment Insurance
I lost my job, but I'm still collecting pogey.
by Smelly May 13, 2003
No idea, seen him in a banner ad on this site... Is he on the sopranos?
Last night I was watching sopranos and caravaggio made a guest appearance
by Smelly July 14, 2003
lack of potential, morons!
Van is such a lop!
by Smelly January 07, 2004
To be well endowed
by Smelly November 05, 2003