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3 definitions by smeagal

an old person living in a new world.
That dinosaur has sweet baby blue shoes on. Why doesn't he just Die.
by smeagal December 23, 2006
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There are no rules. No rules.
"Yo, dude! I got fives on that seat."

"No, you don't. Millinneum rules"

Term first appeared circa 1999 as a result of the impending Y2K. Term coined by me at Matt's party upstate New York when someone called "Fives" on the seat. Shortly after, I ran across a frozen lake. Milineum rules. There are no rules.
by smeagal December 23, 2006
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something is always next, what is it
Thanks for the blowjob. What's next?
by smeagal December 23, 2006
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