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Okay, I'm pretty sure none of you guys with the other definitions live in marlboro, nj. I actually live here and some of the shit you guys say isn't true. Number one, we are all not addicted to blues and do drugs. You can find a group of kids that may smoke weed, but not that much. Also, we don't live off of designer clothing. We all wear normal clothes and you don't get judged for what you wear or what car you drive. Also, not that many people are fake. You may find a couple of people who are fake, but you can get good friends here. Yeah there is a good amount of people who are fake, but you can find good friends around here. Last, the town isn't really bad. It is just kind of boring and nowhere to really hang out, besides wawa, freehold raceway mall, the many dunkin donuts around town, and the rec center. Also, you can't really walk around here. But overall it's not such a bad town.
Man #1: Hey I wanna move to a good town with a good school system in NJ, where should I go?

Man #2: Marlboro, NJ. It has a really good school system and it is a safe town.
by smdhh997 November 25, 2011

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