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the act of killing homosexuals
there was a homocide at the gay faggets club
by smart guy April 18, 2004
means "son of", from The 13th Warrior
My name is Farquad Ibn Mohammad Ibn Amhad Ibn Smith, and I am the 13th Warrior.
by smart guy April 21, 2004
all you have to do is take the turkey and slide in the spit rods which are non stick, then you put the wheel on the spit rods and put in the showtime rotisserie oven, and the you set it and forget it!
its that easy folks!
by smart guy April 22, 2004
A sexual disorder.
Sorry hunny I have Ilpalazzo.
by Smart Guy June 29, 2003
famous rap artist
Krusty Da Klown is gonna bust a cap in yo white ass
by smart guy April 23, 2004
funk soul brotha
"what's crackalakin funk soul brotha know wut i'm sayin"
by smart guy April 12, 2004
nerd nerd nerd nerd
mr ex is a nerd lol
by smart guy April 25, 2004

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