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Roster Stalking is useful when attempting to determine the name of a classmate with whom you have never spoken. It is performed by perusing the online roster of a class, and then typing those names into Facebook until you recognize the picture of the person you are trying to find. A useful tool, but can quickly devolve into creeping.
I dunno, better Roster Stalk her.
#roster #stalk #creep #class #facebook #creeping #creeper
by smangin ben January 06, 2011
A combination of "smash" and "bang." Popularized by the artist Yung Humma, smang is a euphemism for a particularly rigorous and pleasurable episode of sexual intercourse.
Lemme smang it girl, smash it and bang.
#smang #smash #bang #smangg #smang it
by smangin ben October 31, 2010
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