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Pawling is a small town located in Dutchess county. When you tell anyone where your from and you answer Pawling, the chances are that they have never heard of it. This small town is filled with upper/middle class families, with moms who dont work, and dads who commute to westchester or manhattan. The kids in this town are wild and have no limits or rules to abide by, because everyone knows everyone... no one ever gets in trouble or caught, and if they do... their parents can get them out of it. Drinking is by far the most common used type of drug and starts in about the 8th grade. Pot and coke are also on the menu, and are not hard to find. The girls in this town are bitchy and love drama... who has the nicest car, newest 7 jeans, and ugg boots. They love their boys as much as they love to shop. Your typical pawling boy can be found sporting a polo hat on backward covering his long and shaggy hair. Polo, Jcrew, and abercrombie is what youll see these boys wearing when they speed by in their big trucks or little sports cars that their parents bought for them. Most of the kids in this town go on to the typical colleges like cortland, oneonta, uconn, loyola, manhattan, if they dont get too caught up partying.

All in all its a nice little town with for the most part nice people, who like to have fun.
Girl: Hey what are you up to tonight?
Boy: (checks blackberry) Im not sure yet, i hear theres a killer party up on quaker?
Girl: Yeah i heard that too, i guess ill show up... theres nothing else to do in pawling
Boy: Sweet, ill see you there.. i gotta go pick up and get some beer.
Girl: Thats hot... make sure its light beer
by small town boy January 11, 2009

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