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Danielles r extremely beautiful and nice once u get to know them. Danielle's r girls who r extremely smart. They tend to slap people that make her mad. She's more open outside of class and stands up for herself no matter what people say. She's the person who will be shy around guys but no around her friends. Danielles needs tat one guy to help her open up. She may not know it but guys fall for her all the time. She's beautiful but she doesn't believe it. Someone may need to tell her that. If u know a danielle hold on to her if u have her and if u don't grab her bfore someone else does. Danielle is someone who will brighten anyones day just by standing next to them or walking in the room. Always knows how to make people smile.
Danielle is the perfect girl. I'm so glad she's mine. I never want to let her go.
by small lily June 27, 2011
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