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the result of some dumb bitch not wiping her ass properly (back to front as opposed to front to back) and then you try going down there and there are shit crumbs in her lips and those little fuckers get in your mouth and now you've got shit breath you dirty fucker. also, rubbing your own defecate onto a girlie's privates.
i went south on sandy and she had the dirty clam, dum bitch can't wipe properly.
or alternately
yo momz was talkin shit so i gave her the dirty clam
by smacky October 14, 2004
A whongus is a dick or penis.
"I swear to god his whongus was like 4 inches long."
by Smacky March 21, 2005
to perform this little gem you will need a latex glove, some lube and a willing participant as depraved as yourself. lube up the gloved hand and ease it into your partners anus. when you are wrist deep, take your free hand and punch her/him in the stomach while at the same time tearing the ass hand out. this will result in a shit spray like a garden hose.
i gave your mama such a master blaster last night i had to mop my wall twice and it still smells a little poopy.
by smacky October 03, 2004
it comes from japanese sexual practice whereby a man inserts his penis into the quivering touchhole of a live duck. the duck's head is then lopped off and in the final moments of its apparently futile life, the anus spasms. the same principle is used by japanese hookers where they dunk their heads in tubs of water while sailors penetrate their twitching love sockets with their filthy, uncut sushi rolls. another reason to travel japan!
after a long night of munging for bean juice, i decided it was time for a duckjob.
by smacky October 15, 2004
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