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When taking tests in middle school and high school PE classes and you're forced to lay down on the floor, the floor is often cold enough that it causes female's nipples to stiffen up, and male's penises to become erect. The males seeing the results of the female's condition only worsens the male's response to the syndrome.

Often referred to as 'GFS' in passing.
Guy 1: Did you check out Becky's Gym Floor Syndrome?
Guy 2: I know, and thanks to that it's gonna be after lunch before my own GFS goes away.
by sm4k September 14, 2009
When your dog eats food that has been spilled on the floor before you get a chance to clean it up.
Awe man, I just dropped my meatball!

Don't sweat it, my dog will barkuum it up for you.
by sm4k November 19, 2007
A female IT administrator who is needlessly or excessively strict.
Employee 1: Sharon just made me change my password two weeks before it was set to expire!

Employee 2: Yeah, earlier she bounced back one of my emails because she said my signature was too large. She's quite the admenstrator.
by sm4k March 08, 2008
When your significant other has a party that will be attended by people that you either don't know, or don't care about. You don't want to go, but you go anyway to safe face and/or give the illusion that you don't hate them.
Wife: "You can't do that Saturday, we have that Scrubs-themed costume party at the Smiths' that evening."

You: "I'll go, but I'm only making a political appearance."


Coworker (sarcastically): "So, I'll see you at the holiday party, eh?"

You: "I dunno, I overheard my boss talking about possible promotions. I think it's worth at least making a political appearance."
by sm4k November 30, 2010

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