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From comedian Louis C.K. Initially referred to inane, inconsequential comments made by children which have no impact on the world or life. Can be applied to any pointless comment made by someone of any age.
"Daddy, I have to tell you something, you have to stop what you are doing and listen!" Kneeling down, "Yes honey?" "Daddy, sometimes puppies are brown."
by slushiesybil74 November 12, 2009
A zombie movie with a comedic bent.
Zombieland is my new favorite zomedy. I like it even more than Shaun of the Dead.
by slushiesybil74 October 23, 2009
Manners used in determining appropriate etiquette for ending a thread
This thread with Aimee just won't end! What is the threadiquette for getting out of this?
by slushiesybil74 September 08, 2009
A blessing amidst a tragedy. One that you have to look to find, it isn't obvious or immediate.
My mom was in a car accident, it was horrible, but since she was at the hospital the blacklight blessing was that they found her cancer early and could cure it.
by slushiesybil74 November 16, 2009
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