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list of addresses for a glurge or chain letter
If I weren't on her glurge list, I'd never hear from her at all.
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
a conventional razor, as opposed to an electric razor
Feck, my Norelco is busted - gotta use an acoustic razor.
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
Divorce Law. The branch of law specializing in dividing families. An oxymoron.
Here at Profitt, Fromyer, and Versity we specialize in Family Law.

So you're all about wrenching families asunder?

I plead the fifth.
by Slumdog January 19, 2009
An attractive older woman. Age is relative to the speaker's.
You walk down the street and all the young punks whistle at you.
A nice bit of old,
Just goes to show what you can achieve with the right attitude.
- Ray Davies "Don't Forget to Dance"
by slumdog January 27, 2009
some one with skillz using the Internet to track the origin of words and phrases

- coined by M2 Communications Design
Urban Dictionary - the first word in fresh slang; an essential tool for any netymologist
by Slumdog January 18, 2009
sickening; atrocious, especially anything artistic that's shlock.

From the Yiddish "a chaloshes", literally to faint
I replaced the hallucious plaid wallpaper.

That chutney tastes hallucious.
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
too bad

An interjection popular in North Carolina similar to "darn" or "good Lord!"
That fish slipped off my hook just as I was pulling it into the boat.

by slumdog July 06, 2009

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