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20 definitions by slssfw

After smoking really strong weed one reaches a state of "Starling engine" when the sound of starlings drives a person to a high induced paranoia.
Oh dude you smoked that weed and ended up starling engine.
by slssfw May 20, 2005
Punjabi word for parrot.
You should have seen tortah , he was wrecked and listening to Radio Rave.
by slssfw May 20, 2005
Semen / ejaculate, cum, sperm .
I slid my engine in between her butt cheeks and after a few vigorous thrusts out flowed the Lancashire tasty, thick white and real horrorshow, all over her fucking crack.
by slssfw May 20, 2005
A hybrid of a snotface and lookins.
I wouldn't mind giving that snotkins over there one up the arse.
by slssfw April 29, 2005
16-22yr old male indie-kid from the early 90s. Listens to Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Pepeprs etc.."Student Grant" types who think they are intelligent, articulate, cool and radical ( origins are from comfortable middle class ) but are infact arseholes. Male equivalent of snotface. aka Young Larkins.
You've gots to laugh at this young weasel's attempt skin up a joint.
by slssfw April 29, 2005
Cockney street slang meaning high on ecstasy
Origins from "bumble bee ( E )"

i.e bumble bee'd - E'ed.
Look at the geezer over there he looks pretty bumbled.
by slssfw May 21, 2005
The act of performing a bowel movement i.e. having a shit / dump.
I've gots to go to the loo for an unction junction function.
by slssfw May 20, 2005