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Stromg medicines that stop brain from functioning normally. Used to cool down and control crazy people.

Never voluntary use antipsychotics because they cause brain damage, makes you retarted and are difficult to discontinue.

Only crazy people use antipsychotics and after you are labelled crazy you don't get proper health care and don't get any help discontinuing the meds. If other people don't like you they can call the cops (or to hospital) and you will be put to psychiatric hospital.

Doctors may sometimes propose to start using antipsychotics if they don't like their patient (meaning: "You have mental health problems.").

People how use antipsychotics die young or commit suicide because they live is not anymore worth living.

Never use antipsychotics (seroquel) to sleep, they are suicide medications for sleep.
If you tell psychiatrist random things they will put you on strong antipsychotics.
by slpnght December 31, 2010
Provides easy way for drug addicts to cessate their drug use.

Rehabs often give the drug addicts the treatment their deserve - by killing them with garbage drugs.
He went to rehab and they killed him.
by slpnght January 03, 2011
Garbage drug (dud) that doctors describe for you when they don't like you or when you are mentally ill or in rehab. It is not even good medicine for mentally ill people as it is uneffective and too sedative for day use.

Seroquel (non-XR) is short-acting (half-life 7h) meaning that receptors open and close all the time and this can cause damaging serotonin peaks in brain. Higher doses (>150mg) reduces bood flow to brain and lower doses increases it but if seroquel IR is taken once daily (as sleep aid) adrenergic receptors open and close all the time causing damaging fluctuations to blood/oxygen supply (to brain) and damage to bood vessels. Quick changes ind dosage are problematic because adrenergic system is now oversensitive causing further blood circulation problems to brains and organs (vasoconstriction).

Overall the drug just doesn't work well. All antidepressants used for sleep have usually much longer half-life. Adrenergic drugs must be stoppen gradually.

Use proper alpha blockers+antihistamine or antidepressant instead of seroquel. Extremely low doses (<25mg) can be used as antihistamine but why not use proper antihistamine instead.
He became even more retarted after he tried to stop seroquel.
She couldn't sleep at all after stopping seroquel.
by slpnght January 03, 2011

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