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2 definitions by slmslmslm

the act of being in a very short relationship with a girl named Melissa. most Melissa's do this a lot.
guy 1: hey did you hear about Alan?
guy 2: yeah he got Melissa'd.
guy 1: I feel so bad for the guy.
guy 2: all of our friends keep getting Melissa'd!
by slmslmslm August 03, 2013
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"Georgeing" is when two partners, heterosexual or homosexual fill up a piping bag (used for icing cakes) with peanut butter. After it is filled, the peanut butter is pumped into one partner's asshole and the other sucks it out and swallows it with a straw. It was named after George Washington Carver, the inventer of peanut butter.
Girl: Hey babe, wanna try georgeing tonight? I just got a new jar of Jif.

Boy: Sure, I'll get the straw.
by slmslmslm May 24, 2014
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