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2 definitions by slizzard

1.an away message that can be used by anyone for any occasion

2.an away message some1 always has up
Randy: Hey you know where bob is?
Mike: lets check his away, o it says "out"
Randy: So where is he?
Mike: Hes out
Randy: and that is where?
Mike: Out
Randy: Where the fuck is he?
Mike: I dont think your getting this..
Randy: god damn universal away messages
by Slizzard May 14, 2006
Is a hot mother fucker. Tries to dance black as hell, but fails. She is always as high as giraffe pussy. Super sexy and totally bang-able. Will give you a bumpkin any day of the week.
Damn, Abby was lookin hella fine last night. Word.
by slizzard May 06, 2013