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Another term for a vagina, otherwise known as a box, hence fuck box. Should really be fuckbox.
So what did you stick in her fuckbox?
by slip March 24, 2005
What female members of staff get called when the boss is drunk.
Oi cuntface, come and move some cars!
Often followed by: What's wrong cuntface?
by slip March 08, 2005
The true forums of the gods..

Also: LF

a website located at www.lazyfuck.com, which has spawned a breed of "lazyfucks".
"Get off your ass and order me a pizza, Chris!"

"You can order your own pizza you LF!"
by Slip February 06, 2005
Some fag on AIM Chats who says things like 'bai' or <.<, trying to be AZN and cool or somthing. Its really gay.
Konichiwa!!! <.< Lyk hai sLip-kun.
by sLip May 03, 2004
annoying lazy eye that follows you wherever you go...annoying hack.
mr. mello's lazy eye followed me as i gave him the finger.
by slip June 21, 2003
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