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Alternative to the word "Penis". Can also be used as a non-threatening insult to a person or persons
James: "Martin you are such a big widge"
penis cock slong trouser snake pork sword
by slimsniper December 08, 2009
88's is the term for a group of two or more fat woman who believe they are either a) better than everyone or b) Think they run their social group.

88's tend to waddle around in pairs whilst at the same time spreading rumours and trying to disrupt other pairs.
John: Hey Bob look at that those 88's!!
Bob: Yeah wow we will have to grease the doors to get them through.
88(1): Hey have you heard what jill has done? i think we shold spread rumours about her to make us look better
88(2): Yeah good idea!

fat sociopath large
by slimsniper December 08, 2009

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