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The baby of a mud shark. Name originates from the female being a mud shark, having one of many kids (usually from differant sharks) and the male skipping town when he finds out the fat white chick he impulsively banged is having a baby.
That mud shark had a litle mud skipper.
by slick sal June 21, 2005
Untone muscle. A blend of fat and muscle. fussle
The fat dude has been lifting weights...He is not all fat, not all muscle...so he must be fuscle/fussle.
by slick sal June 06, 2005
Untoned muscle. A blend of fat and muscle . What an overweight guy has when he lifts weights and continues to eat like a glutton. fuscle
The fat dude has been lifting weights....his arms are all fussle.
by slick sal June 06, 2005
ABERCROMBIE is actually an anagram that describes its customers:

A Affluent
B Best of the Best
E Excels in society
R Respected
C Class
R Responsible
O Ostentatious
M Mature
B Balanced
I Indespensible
E Executive bound
The man who wears ABERCROMBIE is one who the one who is adorned. Fitch is predominantly the clothes for the women, hence, the saying "the bitch wears Fitch."
by slick sal June 06, 2005
a gut that is so LARGE that it hangs over the belt/waist.
That chick is so fat her stomach dunlap over her pussy.
by slick sal August 29, 2005

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