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A city full of bikes, books, bars, beers, boutiques, baristas, brunch and Bloody Mary's, as well as a million neighborhoods worth visiting for their bars, boutiques and brunch. Portlanders also love gelato, food carts, parks, facial hair, plaid flannel, vintage shops, colleges, public transportation, liberals, reusable grocery bags, vegans and vegetarians, tattoos and piercings, and dogs, and unlike residents of Seattle who claim to love the rain, Portlanders don't like it that much (but still refuse to use umbrellas). And it's true, all the hot girls do wear glasses. Also it's totally possible to bike from southeast to St. Johns in an hour because it's not a real big place.
Oh my god, you see those hipsters over there? They're sooo Portland.
by sleepy golden storm March 05, 2011

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