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Gayest saying said by the inferior to the metal genre (i.e. emos, punks, gangstas, etc.)
Metal head walks by gangsta.

GANGSTA: "Hey fag! Metal is dead!!"

METAL HEAD: "Metal up your ass!!" <Flicks Knife>

Gangsta runs
by slayer77 December 26, 2006
Music Publisher's Association. they are the pricks who are shutting down all these guitar, bass, and drum tab sites because apparently, "reading tabs online is like stealing sheet music from a store". they are doing almost the same thing as the riaa. they have already shut down the MXtabs site, tab world, and a lot of similar sites.
"Man, I feel less inspired on my drums because those fags at the MPA shut down all the good tab sites. Now my life is so empty."
by slayer77 December 24, 2006

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