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to be good, cool, awesome, amazing, complete, or effective; to have a responsibility or duty that must be done but is put off and when youre high you gather a better reason to take care of that responsibility or duty that makes you want to do it.
Mom: Can you go get some food for this weekend at the store?

Son: *sarcastic response* sure.

Mom: Thanks son.

Son: *Thinks to himself* ill just do it later

"Later that night, while smoking weed with Mom gone"

Son: Im so high

Son's Friend: Hey, lets go to Walmart and get some cheesy breadsticks!

Son: I was suppose to go get food for this weekend anyway! I have a better reason to go get food now! That's not Gucci, that's Slayah!
by slayahnotgucci October 09, 2010

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