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Female fan of a movie, TV show, book, or other medium;
usually a hard core fan of a particular character or ship which they will usually refer to as their OTP or 'one true pairing';
often found on blogs, squeeing over canon relationships, non-canon relationships, UST, or even AU plots or crack dealing with their fandom;
often found reading or writing fanfic;
can be supporters of het pairings, slash pairings, femslash pairings, or OT3s;
often spend time collecting pictures and making fanart;
often are also involved in vidding or making fan music videos (see also fanvid, vid).
I try to closet my inner fangirl in public, but sometimes I can't help but let it SQUEE!

I'm so excited for the convention! It's going to be a whole room full of fangirls on overdrive.

"OMG seriously, who needs alternative energy? Just hook up A/R fangirls to some kind of battery and we can power the whole planet for as long as we get new A/R promo pics."
by slave4roslin May 04, 2008

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