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adding the word BRO! to the end of a sentence to sound like a badass.
more commonly used broclamation point!!!

You owe me five bucks, BRO!

I had to go the store to get my chick tampons, BRO!
by slappinfish August 15, 2010
Masturbating while eating a greasy cheeseburger using the excess grease and condiments as lubrication.
TJ: Yo! going down to Mickey D's, you want something?

Travis: Quarter Pounder extra catsup, I'm gonna grubby chubby on down tonight!
by slappinfish November 08, 2010
pronounced (toe-gorge-eee)

A Caligula-esque party where people are adorned with bedsheets run around drinking and flirting with everyone regardless of relationship status and/or sexual orientation. Lubricants are a welcome additiion this party.
Did you hear about the togorgy they had at the neighbor's house last night?
by slappinfish August 15, 2010
When two guys smack their balls together making a loud slapping sound. This is used to wrangle in queers.
Dan: Dude, what is with all those queers running down the street?

Frank: Must be another Texas Cowbell...
by slappinfish November 08, 2010
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