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when a man masturbates over some super hot and wild porn, then has to clean up the mess he makes. bangin it usually invlolves the use of your hand, or in some people cases, a t-shirt wrapped around their massive cock so they don't have to clean up, they just blow their load into the shirt saving precious time.
last night when i was bangin it i blew my load like 20 times, their must have been enough jizz to fill a milk bottle with
by slappa dick May 31, 2007
a city invlolving a lot of "poontang pie", people usually go there to get some *some sex*. poontang city is where anyone whos gotten laid owns a house, or if you have big cock then you own a mansion
1.) i heard there was a party in poontang city but i came too early

2.) hey bro, lets got to poontang city
by slappa dick May 31, 2007
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