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A state in North Eastern Part of the United States. it is part of New England. A state where our professional teams are amazing. teams like the Boston cannons, the Boston Blazers, The New England Patriots, The Boston Bruins, The Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics. It is a hot bed of amazing up and coming sports athletes. We drive bad, Grammar is bad, we get into arguments over small incidents, we hate the Yankees and anyone who supports them, we have amazing Universities and people come from all over to come to these schools. Our weather is just perfect. it never gets too cold or never too hot. The highway system is confusing but not to locals. Many cranberry bogs here are important to people just because of ice skating. one of many states to decriminalization weed. just an all around amazing state.
person 1: yo, that guy is from massachusetts.

person 2: oh, he must be amazing at things.
by slamma damma ding dong December 29, 2010

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