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A great time.
What was your favorite thing that happened at the party last night?

I don't know. The whole night was a real barrel of monkeys.
by slamjackson.com June 25, 2010
When something happens that makes your situation better. The opposite of a buzz kill.
We were almost out of beer and then DJ showed up with a case of Natty. Buzz Plus.
by slamjackson.com June 24, 2010
Being very loud or making a lot of noise.
Person 1: Man, those guys next door are really blowin' up the boom box. Are they always that loud?

Person 2: Not all the time, but it seems like they always have a lot of people over on the weekends.
by slamjackson.com December 27, 2010
A gay couple.
Person 1: Do you ever notice how wierd Scott and Chet are aroud each other?

Person 2: Yea, everyone at the office thinks they might be doubles partners.
by slamjackson.com July 17, 2010
The act of working a full-time job.
Joey: Hey man, you Full-Timing yet?

Alex: No, still waiting tables. I haven't been able to find anything full-time since graduation.
by slamjackson.com May 10, 2011
A game of chicken, where roommates will let trash pile up in the kitchen garbage can until one roommate eventually takes it out. The roommate that gives in and takes the trash out, is the loser. Garbage Chicken can sometimes go on for weeks.
Shelly: Why don't you take that trash out already? It's disgusting.

Mason: No way. I'm in the middle of a game of Garbage Chicken with my roommates, and I'm not giving in this time.
by slamjackson.com May 10, 2011
(Pronounced Ra-pi-Dose) A play on the Spanish word rapidos, which means "quickly". Rapi-dos essentially means 'hurry up".
Steve: I need to run upstairs and grab my phone charger.

Kyle: Boy, you better rapi-dos! We're already 5 minutes late!
by slamjackson.com May 10, 2011

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