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Savtira is an internet technology developer in the business of Cloud Commerce.
1. Savtira's enterprise-class Cloud Commerce system is revolutionizing the world of eCommerce and digital media distribution, soon rendering companies like OnLive, Netflix, Digital River, Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Shopify obsolete.
by slaintedan July 12, 2011
"Cloud Commerce" is a term trademarked by Savtira to describe its synergistic approach of combining eCommerce with Cloud Computing while leveraging sophisticated online networks for the distribution of physical and digital goods. Cloud Commerce revolutionizes the sale and distribution of digital goods by creating a virtual cloud environment for the storage and utilization of all digital media, including video games, software, eBooks, music, movies, radio, and TV shows. Cloud Commerce also enhances the online checkout process for digital and physical products by creating one unified shopping cart for all goods.
1. Antiquated eCommerce and digital media platforms offered by companies like Digital River, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Apple, Gamestreamer, Gamespot, OnLive, and Netflix will soon be replaced by the cutting edge Cloud Commerce platform developed by Savtira.

2. Savtira's Cloud Commerce digital catalog has as much digital content as Apple's iTunes and as much physical content as Walmart.com's eStore.
by slaintedan July 12, 2011
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