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The province in the middle of Canada. Provincial flower is the crocus. License plates say "Friendly Manitoba" for a reason.
Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba
by SL June 03, 2003
Commonly during anime shows characters will drop and their legs will stick in the air. These are known as face faults and are often expression of a quick shock to something as overwhelming stupidity
person 1- As far as i can see you dont know my name
person 2- well you are near sighted.
person 1 - *face faults*
by SL June 27, 2004
A jiberish word of no particular meaning used in the following context by Patrick Star on Spongebob Squarepants: "I wombo, you wombo, he/she/it wombo..." If you set Mermaid Man's belt to "Wombo Mode" (by turning the "M" upsidedown to form a "W"), it will make things larger instead of smaller.
Once the belt was set in Wombo Mode, Spongebob was sure he could restore Squidward to his normal size.
by SL July 07, 2004
1. a wet vagina
2. a vagina which is wet from arousal
3. a nice pussy
4. a good riding vagina
Wow thats a really slick slit
by sl May 13, 2004
1) Marble...
2) Small round thing thats fun to play with
3) Marble
Res' keep saying chode and jenny kept being an ASSWIPE so i stoned them to death with CHOARDS
by SL April 19, 2004
Lord of Emo, protector and keeper of the mighty TRASHBEAR (see Trashbear). Cultural Expert in the ways of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Undeclared husband in polygmic marriage of Alysson Hannigan and Seth Green.
Banjodark played his music really loudly while contemplating his next political move.
by SL July 19, 2003
(adj.) Describing a person who actively repels any attempt at getting a clue.
Person A) So that chick doesnt wanna know?
Person B) No, she is anticluistic.
by SL December 18, 2004
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