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a person, usually a teenager, who is a hardcore christian and/or straight edge may be known by the following:

-listens to hardcore christian bands
-preaches the word of GOD openly
-may dress emo or scene
I'm a christcore kid, I talk to people about GOD eveytime i get a chance. But no one reallyl takes me seriously cause of my tight pants
by skyler bagby December 10, 2007
going to the bathroom to take a crap
Yo man, i gotta' take a trip to brown town,i'm 'bout to crap myself.
by skyler bagby November 30, 2007
an emo hair cut that has grown in the back, usually to the length of a mullet

a mullet that's razor cut, an up and coming emo hair cut
That dude's got an emollet, he should cut the back a little.
by skyler bagby November 26, 2007
a cross between the words bankin' and gangsta', a name for a gangsta' who is bankin'
Yo, check out Keelan, he's a straight up banksta'.
by skyler bagby November 27, 2007
a nickname for a person who has skylz and wears their hair like a mullet or emollet
Dude, check out Skylet, he's got mad skylz.
by skyler bagby November 26, 2007
the urban spelling of skills, usually pertaining to a persons guitar hero abilities
Did you see that guy? He five stared "Jordan" on expert, he's got mad skylz.
by skyler bagby November 26, 2007
awesome; another word for awesome
That movie was so orange juice, I'm buying it when it's released on dvd.
by skyler bagby November 26, 2007

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