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1.An employee who is mistaken by a work pimp,or "boss", for someone with no life or obligation outside the office.
"The continuing unfair demands of her work pimp caused Monique to find another job, as she was nobody's work whore."
boss pimp work employee unfair
#workplace #boss #pimp #whore #employee
by skyhag August 05, 2009
1. A work pimp is a boss with the misconception you exist only to make money for them,that you have no life outside your place of employment. A work pimp will also demand increased productivity from an employee,who may be know as a "work whore".
"Monique's work pimp decreed that no one shall have more than 2 days off without 90 days notice,except in event of their own death."
work pimp whore boss coding
#boss #pimp #work whore #vacation #idiot boss
by skyhag August 05, 2009
1.A creepy guy who has a thing for "stews" also known as flight attendants,female variety. He is usually remarkable for his porn mustache and clothing chiefly made from petroleum-based material.
2.A loathsome creature most often found on aircraft headed for all-inclusive resorts.
Flight Attendant to colleague: "Watch out for the skeevy guy in 25C near the lav- What a jump seat sniffer!"

jump seat skeevy passenger stewardess flight attendant
repugnant porn mustache
#jump seat #flight #flight attendant #grotty #passenger #stewardess
by skyhag August 05, 2009
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