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A person who, in what is no doubt an effort to look as knowledgeable as another in a given conversation, gives up listening and tries with their allotted conversational brainpower to predict the last two (sometimes one when they are feeling lax) words of your sentence. once predicted, they will try to time themselves saying it on top of you doing so, allegedly establishing their knowledge on whatever you're talking about.
No man i tried to talk to him about the sales but every time i would present an idea he showed brazenly how much of an in-two-ruptor he is and then just shook his head and presented his own. guys a fucking tool bag.
by skwerley October 07, 2009
Any motion or movement executed by a homosexual.

Also used as in, "Homotion picture" see brokeback mountain
Hey James, did you see all the Homotion happening on the baseball field yesterday? yeah...that was gay.
by Skwerley November 30, 2006
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