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2 definitions by skurtbutler22

best buddy, best mate, best friend, person your closest to, you get the picture ;)
Paige: Yo wassup K Book my bestest bizzl!!
Kurt: Whas Gwarnin P Butt my best bizzle n ting ;)
by skurtbutler22 April 03, 2007
this is a really skatty person who is also a mother fucker!! someone who does skatty things, talks skatty, looks skatty etc!! someone who you lke but you really shouldnt so you call them just one skatty mofo bcos its a light insult =] they also will have a skatty mofo friend wh they do skatty thins with aswell!! like......foot massaging someone who hates feet :s haha
someone who says stuff like: safe my best bizzle e.g. paige!
someone who looks like paige =]
kurt butler!! he is a skatty mofo
and he has a best bizzle skatty mofo, paige =]
they are soo skatty they gave each other skatty nicknames....
Kurt: K book
Paige: P Butt
ow freaking skatty are those mofos!!
by skurtbutler22 April 03, 2007