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5 definitions by skrilla nilla deala

someone who chews on cock
joe you are such a dick muncher
by skrilla nilla deala February 24, 2005
73 18
Male or female who enjoys pleasing male genetalia several times per day without pay.
Geraldo is fucked in the head man! That fool is a trick dick pleasa!
by skrilla nilla deala February 23, 2005
7 2
The medical procedure in which a female undergoes a sex change operation.
That silly hoe wants to be a man? Let her get an addadichtome!
by skrilla nilla deala February 22, 2005
3 3
Male or female hoe like (or even lives for) anal sex while being spanked by various objects such as hands, belts, or even wooden paddles.
I went out with this one girl, Ida, fool but I aint kickin it wit her again. That trick dick pleasa is a smackdabooty hoe.
by skrilla nilla deala February 23, 2005
2 3
A hispanic person who illegally entered the states and acts like a black person. (Spik + Black)
El Jeffe: "Yo dawg where them hoes be, g?"
Chris: "Nigga shut the fuck up and stop actin like a splack!"
by skrilla nilla deala March 04, 2005
9 17