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A gang call used by the Bloods. Sometimes repeated to imitate the sound of a po lice car (woop, woop, suwoop).
In contrast, the Crips have "Cuh Rip". If a Crip hears "Suh Woop", he is likely yell "Killa".
1: To hail the Bloods across the street, a gangbanger yelled "WOOP WOOP, SUWOOP!" And the Bloods ran away, mistaking it for a police car.
2: To hail the Bloods across the street, a gangbanger yelled, "SUWOOP!" A fake Blood ripped off his red shirt, yelled "KILLA!" and shot him.
by skndlkrft August 24, 2007
A gang call of the Bloods which is supposed to imitate a gun noise. The alternate form is BLAT. Not to be confused with brat, a spoiled child.
In contrast, the Crips have ccccclat or clat, which is also supposed to be a gunshot sound. Other Blood gang calls include "suwoop" and "CK".
Guy: That lil boy is a brat.
Crip: A WHAT?
Guy: He's, uh, very spoiled.
Crip: Oh, I thought you said he was a slob.
Suddenly a Blood ran in and shouted, "Brrrrrrat! SUH WOOP!"
by skndlkrft August 24, 2007
A whistle sounding like a bird call used by members of the Crips. Like other elements of gang culture, it is popular with non-gang members because it sounds "cool".
In contrast, the Bloods have "brrrrat" and "BLAT", both onomotapoeia of gunshot noises. The Crips also have "clat" or "ccclat", which are also supposed to sound like gunshots.

A young black male was shot down in the hallways of a high school after he gave a high-pitched whistle which was misheard as a gang call, the Crip whistle.
by skndlkrft August 24, 2007
A California gang which formed from several rivals of the Crips and then spread nationwide. In contrast, they chose the color red. They are also known as Damus or Pirus, Pirus referring to the Piru Street Gang, a gang which became a rival gang to the Crips and joined the anti-Crip alliance.
They use CK, as Crips use BK, as an acronym to diss their rivals.
Some of their trademarks are colors worn to the right, and a teardrop tattoo symbolizing a killing. Members include rappers the Game, Birdman, and Lil Wayne.
their gang calls include brrrrat, an onomotopoeia of a gunshot, as well as the alternate form blat, to which the crips have the counter ccclat or clatt.
They also use the gang call Swoop, which is often extended to suh-woop, with the woop repeated to sound like a police car (woopwoop, swoooop)
On the unusual collaboration between Bloods member the Game and Crip Snoop Dogg, the chorus featured both Cuh-rip (crip extended) and Suh-woop.
Several Bloods assaulted some young men who were whistling because it sounded like the Crip whistle.
by skndlkrft August 24, 2007
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